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In 2015 I was declared legally blind from Diabetic Retinopathy. Everything on this site has been create during and after my recovery. It's an amazing story, and I had a front row seat to watch what God was doing.
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After years of studying, teaching and creating art, mostly acrylic paintings, I was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.I was pronounce legally blind!One of the things that I feared the most was that I would never paint again. I started looking for a way to create, in spite of my diminished vision. This led to my current technique – a hybrid of traditional painting and digital assistance. You see, I discovered that by hooking my computer up to my 55 inch TV I could zoom in and do my work. Now, my vision is back to normal. With the help of a very good doctor and a couple miracles along the way (one of which was how I connected with the doctor who literally wrote the book on treating my disease), my vision was restored. This painting was done for a show themed “The Healing Power of Art”. The image at the top was what I could see for most of 2015. The next one down was 2016. The third from the top is 2017, when I started painting again. The bottom shows my current vision, illustrating my miraculous recovery. Check these links:

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